I just finished machining this drawing pencil...This morning it was a two foot stainless
steel rod I scavenged from a copy machine a while back.

Now after a little time at the lathe, it is my new drawing pencil. Here it is with the leftover
roller rod from the copier I cut the pencil from.

I decided that my rotring 600 series drawing pencil was getting too scarce to replace
if I lost it, since they don't make them anymore, and I wanted to make sure I had a
replacement that was the same weight, if not heavier, which this is.

I think it turned out ok, I got the internal parts from the woodstore, they carry pen turning
stuff, but they looked at me funny when I said I was going to make a pencil out of steel.

Anyway, this was good practice for when I make my holy grail - a damascus steel pen
and pencil set. Which would look like this photoshopped prototype.