This is a custom project for a band instructor friend of mine. He saw some of the sabers I'd been working on and asked for a "cool lightsabery conductor's baton."

Well, I started with a 3/4 inch rod of aluminum, and then for the long part, it's a stainless plated spring steel whip antenna end.

I made the box out of Red Oak, Set concealed hinges, then milled out the place for the baton,

The handle of the baton is Aluminum, with many compound curves machined with a Holdridge Radii cutter on the lathe.  I put 4 knurled strips at the back for grip.

I set a magnet halfway down the channel to keep the baton secure when handling or opening the box.

Once I got it put together, I routed a channel at the edge to help with opening the box.

Perfectly balanced at the hilt!

View of the inside scoop where the handle meets the blade.