Catacombs - iPhone/iPodTouch - InMotion Software 2010
Catacombs hit #47 in the iTunes Top 100 Paid apps out of 160,000 apps in March of 2010

I Dig It Expeditions - iPhone/iPodTouch - InMotion Software 2009
Expeditions was featured in the iTunes Top 100 Paid apps in Fall of 2009

I Dig It - iPhone/iPodTouch - InMotion Software 2009
I Dig It hit #1 in the iTunes Top 100 Paid apps in the summer of 2009

Dungeon Defense - iPhone/iPodTouch - InMotion Software 2009

TriniTower- iPhone/iPodTouch - InMotion Software 2009

PocketDyno- iPhone/iPodTouch - InMotion Software 2009

DOOM4 - Xbox 360, PS3, PC - id Software Unreleased

Unannounced Project - Xbox 360, PS3 - Midway Games 2008

Blacksite: Area 51 - Xbox360, PS3 - Midway Games 2007
On this project, I was brought in to work with physics assets, material tech, particles and kismet scripting.  I did several weapons and weapon effects. After the team had canned the fullscreen tonemapping and auto-irising post effects, I spent a week making the settings look good, and convinced them to re-integrate it into the engine. I helped out with many material shaders, animations, models, etc. When we couldn't get self shadowing on the blackhawk in the railshooter section, I wrote a UV panning fake shadowmapping material that read the camera vector left right, up and down, and used those vectors to drive a shadow map texture multiplied over the diffuse. It even fooled me after I forgot I did it and saw it weeks later.

Section 8 FPS (Next Gen Multiplatform)
Section 8 was a great project to work on at Timegate. I had always wanted to work on a next-gen FPS.  When Timegate got the license for the Unreal 3 engine, we started pouring assets into the game in record time.  I was mainly responsible for mechanical design, modeling, rigging, unwrapping and texturing vehicles, machinery, weapons, and environment assets.  I enjoyed working in UE3Kismet, UE3Cascade and material editor to get assets, materials and optimized shaders working in game.  I also prepared animatics of game concepts and produced print pieces for promotional packages.

Axis & Allies RTS (PC) Atari 2004
Throughout the years as a game artist, one of my dream projects was a WWII game.  When Timegate approached me to work on A&A back in Dec of 02, I was thrilled.  I was responsible for the user interface, environments, terrain and destructible walls and bushes. My favorite part by far was modeling and texturing the airplanes.  I also modeled and textured several tanks and a few buildings. 

Kohan II Kings of War RTS (PC) Globalstar 2004
When I got to Timegate, Axis & Allies hadn't started up yet, so I worked on Kohan II for a few months.  I was tasked with making terrain, environments, and some visual FX such as waves, water systems, etc.  When A&A ramped up, I was moved to that project.

Hero X RPG (PC) Infogrames 2002
Hero X was the second game I was lead artist on with Digital Tome/Amazing Games.  HeroX was a comic book game slated in the Golden age of comic books amidst gangsters and monsters and bikers, with humor and light heartedness at its core. It was published by Infogrames in 2002.   

Siege of Avalon RPG (PC) Globalstar 1999
Siege of Avalon was my first game project.  I was hired by Digital Tome right out of college as lead artist.  We published 6 chapters of Siege online in 1999-2000, and then an anthology box set through Globalstar publishing.  One of the main aspects of Siege that I am most proud of is the automation of all the processes it took to generate the mass quantities of character and wall piece artwork. 
Because of the CharacterLab layer system we had the capability of producing thousands of unique characters with a base set of layered clothing, armor, weapons, facial features, etc.
We also had tileable wall pieces from thin walls to thick cave walls rendered out of 3DStudio Maxscript dumping into a Photoshop action to process into useable game art.  This allowed us to make many variations in short amounts of time.

Personal Games
Here are links to a few games I have done personally with Director Shockwave. Ballistica CaveEscape Able'sSugarCatch