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To continue creating high production value artwork for cutting edge games of all platforms.

Software: 3DSMax; Photoshop; iPhone Development; idTech5 - materials, particle editor, worldbuilder; Unreal3 Engine – Kismet, Cascade, MaterialEditor; XBOX360 Development; Gamebryo; AlienBrain; Perforce; Creative problem solving; Outsource, team and asset management; sketch and illustration skills


BioWare Austin - Lead Visual Effects Artist

April 2010 to present

Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • Visual Effects

  • Cash shop items such as weapons, mounts, toys, etc.

InMotion Software - Art Director

March 2009 to April 2010

iPhone and iPod Touch games - (Trinitower, PocketDyno, DungeonDefense, I Dig It, I Dig It Expeditions, Catacombs)

  • Sole Artist on team, responsible for all the pixels

  • Worked closely with programming to ensure best possible experience for our titles

id Software - Effects/Environment Artist

September 2008 – March 2009

Doom4 (Multiplatform)

  • Responsible for creation of all visual effects including weapon shoot and impact, animated model effects, etc.

  • Created environment assets and worked on prototype team to build out environments including propping and lighting

  • Created first-person assets including grenades, devices for player, other hardsurface models, etc.

  • Advised on weapon design, balance and construction

Midway Studios Austin - Lead and Senior Effects/Environment /Tech Artist
 Oct. 2005 – Aug. 2008

Unannounced Title (XBOX360, PC, PS3)

  • Responsible for creation and implementation of vehicles; damage specs and processes, optimization, dynamic and scripted vehicle shaders, and vehicle FX

  • Worked with graphics programmers to create new post effects and environment systems

  • Responsible for all particle and material special effects in game, dynamic weather and time of day systems, skybox and cloud effects

  • Managed first outsourcing pipeline, establishing best practices and guideline specifications, trained up external outsources in our processes, etc.

  • Taught UE3 Engine to team members, including materials, kismet, optimization and particles

  • Materials and Shaders - Dynamic, Script controllable and Animated shaders, materials and particle effects

  • Co-wrote the dynamic material instance shifter system which allows any material parameter to be changed over time through script or dynamically through in-game triggers

  • Responsible for preliminary implementation of UI using Flash and Scaleform

Blacksite – Area 51 (Next Gen XBOX360, PC, PS3) – Midway 2007

  • Dynamic, Script controllable and animated shaders, materials and particle effects

  • Polished and implemented in-game auto-irising and tone mapping post process effects

  • Responsible for weapon consulting, models and materials, ambient effects, fire and impact effects

  • Did environment prop out work and helped manage outsourcing pipeline

Timegate Studios – Senior Artist

Jan. 2003 – Sept 2005

Section 8 FPS (Next Gen Multiplatform)

  • Responsible for mechanical design, modeling, rigging, unwrapping and texturing vehicles, machinery, weapons, and environment assets

  • Was first on team to learn UE3Kismet, UE3Cascade and material editor, then taught rest of team

  • Prepared animatics of game concepts and produced print pieces for promotional packages

Axis & Allies RTS (PC) – Atari 2004

  • Responsible for user interface, modeling and texturing vehicle units, terrain and environment, promotional and marketing materials

  • Managed and delegated bug lists, art troubleshooting and optimization

  • Responsible for artist orientation, bringing new hires up to speed on engine, processes, standards and practices.  Also taught techniques and tips for general asset creation and polish

Kohan II Kings of War RTS (PC) – Globalstar 2004

  • Responsible for modeling and texturing terrain and environment

  • Performed final game level beauty pass and polish after the design team was done

  • Responsible for ambient environment, weather, water effects

Digital Tome - Lead Artist

Aug. 1999 – May 2002

Hero X RPG (PC) – Infogrames 2002

  • Direct and manage art team, processes and practices for efficient production

  • Did In-Game Particle special effects

  • Worked with design team to polish and flesh out game levels

Siege of Avalon RPG (PC) – Globalstar 1999

  • Managed art team, design and production of character and environment game art and UI

  • Developed successful web & print ad campaign and promotional materials

  • Wrote Photoshop and 3DMax scripts for automation of game artwork production and processing


  • Bachelors Degree, Stephen F. Austin State University. Art major, Communications & Marketing minor