Welcome to my Pen & Pencil page. 
I make high quality, precision drawing pencils and pens.

Zephyr Mechanical Pencil #1 (prototype) above Zephyr #2 Click here to get a large image.

I'll make you one! Each meticulously handcrafted Stainless steel pen or pencil is $100 plus shipping.  Stainless steel, pretty much indestructible.  Sets available, options and custom pieces too.

Email me for info at bradley@nonentity.com

Paypal preferred, thanks!

Here we have a ballpoint pen, twist cap activation alongside the mech. pencil.

In the process of making a presentation box for Zephyr #4.   The box is bookmatched walnut burl on top of bookmatched cherry.  Brass hidden hinges.

I started with this steel rod I got out of a copier.

I had to face off the end of the rod, so I could drill it out.

After it was faced off flat, I press a divot into the center, to allow the drill bit to find purchase.

Here we go, about to drill out the main hole for the internal mechanism.

A 9 dollar MT2 drill chuck from Harbor Freight makes this possible.  It holds the drill bit
Still, while the stock rotates around it.

After I get the first set of holes drilled, two concetric holes one at 7mm, one at a smaller size,
I have to part off the body and flip it around for the other set of holes.

Once I get the body to the proper length, I begin grooving the pencil grip.  One 1/16th deep groove every ten clicks of my longitudinal wheel.

here's the case ready for polishing and assembly.  Once I get the internal stuff cut to fit,
It'll press together.

I have to cut the bushings to fit, these compress against the internal mechanism and keep
it together once assembled.

And here we are done!  I think it's an improvement over my first one, it definitely has a
better polish job.